• Add / fix key shortcuts (

  • Change default GUI port to avoid collisions with server

  • Add plugin support to docker server

  • Go back to webGL 1 for compatibility issue with Safari 14

  • Fix missing .tissuumaps folder for recent files

  • Enable larger markers at high resolutiion (up to 1024x1024px)

  • Fix pinch to zoom center

  • Add code of conduct

  • Clean code and use ci (pre-commit)


  • Move to webgl2

  • Add Open Recent sub menu in File menu

  • Fix path for linux and mac in server mode

  • Minor fixes

  • Make it possible to update to newer version of plugins

  • Fully support –debug option in command line

  • Add tooltip title for piecharts

  • Add documentation

  • Fix marker picking when pixel ratio != 1

  • Other minor fixes and cleaning

  • Minor fixes.

  • Add tiling to viewport capture for higher resolution output

  • Increase resolution of markers on high resolution devices

  • Fix jumps on pan with mouse gesture (mobile)

  • Add fix for bright image canvas on Safari

  • Add an option to remove markers’ outlines.

  • Fix png artifact in Firefox, by generating jpg tiles.

  • Add high resolution capture of viewport, up to 4096x4096 pixels.

  • Fix multiple dataset alignment when no background image


  • Fix black images generated by VIPS

  • Fix Linux and Mac open of captures

  • Auto save datasets as buttons when saving tmap projects

  • Add mpp (microns per pixel) option in tmap files, to add scale bar to viewer

  • Make region line thickness depend on zoom level

  • Add compatibility with JupyterLab

  • Add opacity per marker option


  • Add menu to load plugins through an update-site


  • Fix multiple plugins opening always last plugin

  • Move to OpenSeadragon 3.0.0

  • Add tooltip format in Advanced Settings

  • Add drag and drop to open CSV files and images

  • Add “Add layer” button for flask version

  • Add viewport capture


  • Move csv loading to Papa Parse streaming, to allow better memory management


  • Add filtering of markers


  • Add tissuumaps.jupyter module