About TissUUmapsΒΆ

TissUUmaps is a free and open source browser-based tool for GPU-accelerated visualization and interactive exploration of tens of millions of datapoints overlaying tissue samples. Users can visualize markers and regions, explore spatial statistics and quantitative analyses of tissue morphology, and assess the quality of decoding in situ transcriptomics data. TissUUmaps provides instant multi-resolution image viewing, can be customized, shared, and also integrated in Jupyter Notebooks. We envision TissUUmaps to contribute to broader dissemination and flexible sharing of large-scale spatial omics data.

Currently, microscopy data can be cumbersome to share: physically transferring the images is often necessary and dedicated software must be installed. Instead, researchers can now share their findings with a simple link to a website running TissUUmaps. The images are loaded in real time, together with annotations, markers, and masks that may also be modified by the user. We also provide tools for quality control and image processing. The software is designed to display and interact with images at multiple resolutions and large numbers of markers, especially data from spatially resolved omics techniques and tissue atlases. TissUUmaps is compatible with many different bioimage informatics tools, and provides new ways to develop insights when exploring and sharing data.

You can access the TissUUmaps project gallery with interactive examples to explore data from in situ sequencing and spatial transcriptomics experiments and view localized quantification of cell and tissue morphology, including links to publications. For seeing examples of TissUUmaps compatibility with other platforms you can access the tutorials page.